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On This Page: Why Use It? What Does It Do? How Does It Work?

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Why use The Helping Hand Stretch-assager? (US Patent 6010431)

Have you had any of these problems in you hand, wrist or arm? Burning, Tingling, Pain, Fatigue, Weakness of Grip, Loss of Dexterity, Stiffness, Soreness, Cramping, Numbness, Coldness, Swelling, Throbbing, Atrophy of the Hand. In advancing cases, you may feel pain or cramping around the base of the thumb or your thumb may become nonfunctional. Symptoms may strike long after activity has ended, often during periods of rest.

Don't ignore them! Most victims are surprised by the swiftness with which a few mild occurrences can degrade into a long-term problem. Many find that the symptoms take less and less effort to produce then just never go away. They are usually the consequence of a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Surgery has risks and is often not a cure. Many people will never overcome it once it becomes severe. Click here for more prevention tips.

Developed by CTS sufferers, this easy-to-use, inexpensive exerciser will probably amaze you . The Stretch-assager integrates a combination of beneficial actions into one fast, easy and effective exercise that can relieve and/or prevent symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in just minutes a week. The Stretch-assager was the first product available to the public designed to reduce pressure on the median nerve by helping to enlarge the carpal tunnel and increase blood flow to carry away toxins. Can be used with either hand or both hands simultaneously. No need to ever purchase more than one. No complicated or hard-to-use contraptions.

Guaranteed 140%. Since nothing helps absolutely everyone, we want you try the Stretch-assager without risking a penny. $24.88US plus S&H. Shipped almost anywhere. Made in the U.S.A. Click Here for Professional Pricing

What does The Stretch-assager do?

Helps relieve pressure on the Median Nerve which causes the classic symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome such as pain, burning, tingling, numbness, etc.

Relaxes muscles to restore blood flow through the wrist, hands and arms. Blood does not travel through tensed muscle fibers and continual tensing (as with prolonged computer use) causes anaerobic by-products, such as lactic acid, to build up. These by-products cause cell damage and swelling which pressures the median nerve and leads to CTS. Stretching increases blood flow which carries away the by-products much faster than rest alone. Leaves your hands feeling refreshed.

Helps restore strength and dexterity. Often this is associated with the Thenar Muscles at the base of the thumb which become dysfunctional as they are deprived of stimulation from the Median Nerve. As the pressure on the nerve is reduced, the nerve can resume its normal interaction with this muscle and others as well.

Helps prevent or relieve nighttime symptoms when used before bedtime.

Useful as a preventative measure. Occasional use can help stop, prevent or contain CTS symptoms before they spiral out of control.

Fast Results. For most, relief can often be achieved with only a minute or two of use a day. Minor symptoms may be relieved in just a few days. More advanced symptoms usually take longer. Has helped many even reduce arthritis pain.

Easy to use and works with either hand or both simultaneously. Most CTS sufferers eventually have symptoms in both hands. No need to purchase one for each hand. No straps, wires or complicated contraptions to make use difficult or uncomfortable.

How does it work?

The Stretch-assager is based on simple but effective principles. As shown, the Carpal Tunnel (pink area) is created by carpal bones (white) and the tough but elastic Transverse Carpal Ligament (blue). Because of these structures, the Carpal Tunnel does not automatically expand to accommodate swelling, thickening or scarring of the tendons (red), their sheaths or surrounding tissues from overuse. This causes pressure (also called compression) to build on the Median Nerve (yellow) which also runs through the Carpal Tunnel. This pressure then causes the nerve to dysfunction bringing on the classic symptoms of CTS and, eventually, permanent damage if not relieved. In a Carpal Tunnel Release Operation, it is the Transverse Carpal Ligament that is severed to try and halt Median Nerve compression. Unfortunately, this operation is often not performed until the symptoms have become unbearable and permanent damage may have occurred. Carpal Tunnel Release Operations have had very mixed results, can cause trauma of its own and does not repair permanently damaged nerves.

The Stretch-assager is specially designed with laminated, dual compression foam rubber. As you use the Stretch-assager, the sides of your palm are gently drawn in the direction of the arrows in a massage-like fashion. Since the Transverse Carpal Ligament resides under the base of the palm, it stretches as well. This assists in actually enlarging the Carpal Tunnel, which then can better accommodate any swelling, thickening or scarring thus decreasing the pressure on the nerve. As the pressure decreases, the pain, tingling, burning, etc. is alleviated while grip strength and dexterity return. The threat of permanent damage is diminished as well.

In addition, the muscles and tendons of your hand and forearm are also gently stretched. Stretching the muscles decreases muscle tension which increases blood flow. Tensed muscle fibers inhibit blood flow. This aids in eliminating the build up of anaerobic by-products such as lactic acid that can cause cell damage. In addition, stretching the tendons makes them thinner, thus further reducing pressure inside the Carpal Tunnel and on the Median Nerve.

The combination of these simultaneous actions can help stop or reverse RSI's cycle of cell degeneration while relieving symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Also, your hands are better conditioned for activities that can cause disorders. Your hands will feel relieved, refreshed, relaxed and restored, often within seconds after use. The Stretch-assager may be used in conjunction with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines as well.

You won't know unless you try it: We realize that the Stretch-assager may not work for everyone but you may find its effect amazing. Just in case, we offer a "no risk" Unconditional Guarantee.

Comments! to customerservice@thehelpinghand.com. We welcome any questions, comments or additions to our knowledge base.

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