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By Tom Flemming on Sunday, March 05, 2006 - 02:58 pm:

I just turned 30 and about six months ago, and every single day until now, I woke up one morning with the middle and ring finger on my left hand stiff. This occured about a week after purchasing golf clubs and beginning to play golf for first time in life.

I could not bend them downward into a fist without unbearable pain. After about 5 minutes, the stiffness is gone until the next morning when I wake up (unless I'm still for a long period of time). Been to numerous doctors - nerve test fine, RA tests a bloodwork negative, etc. Hand therapy made problem worse in mornings and seems to spread to other fingers in left hand and to fingers on right hand. When I sleep with left hand wrapped into a closed fist, it it not stiff when I wake up the next morning!!! Rematologist diagnosed Osteoarthritis, even though x-rays and MRI of hand shows perfect everything. And i'm only 30 and very active and healthy. Ortho who did MRI thinks could be form of RSI, although Rematologist doesn't agree and thinks is Osteoarthritis early stages.

So I don't know what to think or who to believe. Have tried every exercise, stretch, etc., have quit golf up to 30 days, and every morning, those two fingers are stiff as a bone and sometimes others are less stiff. All clears away after a few minutes upon wakening.

Any advice or input on how to end this? It just started litterly overnight in mid August, and has done it everyday since. I'm at the end of my rope and out of options.

By Jeffrey on Monday, March 06, 2006 - 10:33 pm:

I am 39 years old and have the same exact problem. I just went to my doctor and she said that I had osteo arthritis. It started overnight with one finger and now about six months later it is on both hands but not as progressed on the left hand. Somtimes in the morning if I try to bend my index finger, it locks in place and I have to lift it up to get it unlocked. Can you feel a little stiffness at night before bedtime also? What is RSI by the way?

By Tom Flemming on Friday, March 17, 2006 - 01:45 pm:

Repetitive Stress Injury

My four fingers on left hand are stiff now everymorning, and most of fingers on my right hand to a lesser extent. The original two on my left hand are most extreme. Normal within minutes of waking up.

If I lie down and watch tv, play video game, etc. for a while, they start to stiffen at night.

By Sandy on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 03:29 pm:

I just turned 30 in December and I have been waking up with stiff fingers for a few weeks now.I'm a bit of afraid to think that I could have arthritis.I wonder if I'm just lacking in some vitamins?

By B L L on Sunday, March 26, 2006 - 10:38 pm:

I am experiencing the same problem in my left ring and middle fingers. During the day, I have no pain but occasionally will be awakened in the night with a lot of pain. My ring finger is "locked" in place. I am very interested in what everyone else discovers to help their situation.

By MarkJ on Sunday, April 09, 2006 - 04:03 pm:

38 years old, just started a manual job after 20 years of deskwork, both hands in the morning, and now evening, stiff as hell, 'stuck' fingers most mornings, pain is just about bareable, have read that this could be RSI, Carpel Tunnel problem and/or arthritis. Any further ideas, and more hopefully a cure would be very helpful.

By kari olson on Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 08:00 pm:

hi--this all sounds so familiar--i am 28 years old and for the past 2 weeks i have been experiencing stiffness in my left fingers- mostly middle finger and ring finger--i am starting to feel it all day,but worsens at night and in the morning--it seems like i must be clenching my left hand like a fist because i always seem to wake up in the middle of the night to try and open my hand--how long will this last?

By BLL on Thursday, June 29, 2006 - 05:01 pm:

I started taking a prescription anti-inflammatory (Mobid?) for an ankle problem and taking Turmeric(sp?) which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Both the ankle and hand has cleared up. I haven't had the hand problem for about 2 months.

By Neavesie on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 09:37 pm:

I am 30 now but about 4-5 years ago i had really bad RSI(repeditive Strain Injury)(constant use injury)in both my hands and wrists.After numerous visits to the doctor and physio it never really got much better, just enought to finish a days work. 2 years later it started to get worse again and my fingers in the morning could not bend in at all, it took a few hours of light massage to free them up, also during that time I would get sharp pains through my finger joints when my hand would slap on a hard surface.
My fingers only hurt once every 1-2 months now but there is nothing i can pinpoint that made them better.The only problem is that my wrist problem has travelled up my arms to my elbows and shoulders which gives me extra tight muscles and tendons 99% of the time, I get aching neck,back,arms and sometimes hands and cant fix it.Ive tryed drugs and exercise.

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